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🎈Celebrating our fifth anniversary 12/24/21!

Welcome to the NEW "FREEDOMFORDOCTORS.ORG"! (7/19/20) We are living in unprecedented times which necessitates an unprecedented response. Our focus will be on the core tenets emphasized through the name of the organization: FOUNDATION TO RECOGNIZE EDUCATE AND EMPLOY DOCTORS OF MEDICINE. Many of us find ourselves unemployed and/or skeptical of the medical model under which we have been practicing. Professional societies and society at large have failed us immensely. We will endeavor to support "All doctors, all places, all the time" to develop and nurture their OWN practices utilizing new paradigms and business models. If you are a doctor (e.g., M.D., D.O., N.D.), please contact us through the link at the top of the page (i.e., freedomfordoctors.org@gmail.com). We are looking for SERIOUS men and women who would like to be part of our Board of Directors. Invites may be extended to those who have been identified as worthy of consideration due to their contributions online or in person.
NAC (unfortunately) is real health circa 2022 (not masks and needles)! Get your N-Acetylcysteine here through this link.
Will the military replace doctors? Don't Double-Down on Dumb: Enforcer-Occupier-Hostage Triad; the Bonus Army, Attica, and Branch Covidians. (12/26/21)
Hospitals, schools, and lifestyles have become toxic! "Welcome to the Workforce: Iatrogenics, Educide, & the 322ers (9/18/21)"
This "virus" has achieved like no other "virus" in history. "COVID Flu Virus Firsts - Billy (a.k.a., Timmy) visits Doc (9/7/21)"
This scene has me wondering, "Has My Former Medical School Added Welding 101 to Basic Science Coursework?" (8/16/21)
If you still think that there is a virus after two years, please proceed to your local psychiatric hospital. Quit "Scammin' Me!“ (7/10/21)
If you still are wearing a mask after one year and the end of flu season again, it may be time to ask yourself one question? Did the Flu Crew Brainwash You?
animated-flashing-and-emergency-light-image-0011 Bulletin! Asphaltavirus Outbreak: Philadelphia Press Conference by Dr. Theodore Conspirian - February 11, 2021! "Could it be lurking in your driveway?"
Please welcome our new sponsor here at freedomfordoctors.org: Bear Face Pandemic Protectant! "One jar is all you'll ever need!"

In Part 2 of the Fall, 2020 Educational Series, we explore how an alleged pandemic from a non-existent virus was used to usher in a Global Reset focusing on conditioning for Agenda 21!
Below are the title page and learning aids for Part 2 of the Fall, 2020 Educational Series that can be utilized while watching the video!

Dates where your rights to celebrate were infringed!

"Anatomy of Medical Tyranny (AOMT)" (Title Page)

Viruses (as commonly understood) do not exist!

Merry Christmas, 2020: Seems like an oxymoron! (YIR)

In Part 1 of the Fall, 2020 Educational Series, we explore how an alleged pandemic from a non-existent virus was used to usher in a Global Reset encompassing Agenda 21, Workforce, and Technocracy!
Below are the title page and learning aids for Part 1 of the Fall, 2020 Educational Series that can be utilized while watching the video!

WHO and CDC admit there is no SARS-CoV-2!

"Anatomy of Medical Tyranny (AOMT)" (Title Page)

Why PCR tests do not diagnose disease (as Nobel-prize inventor, Kary Mullis, told us)!

How False Positives (FP) and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) invalidate PCR!

Please read and share this FIRST research article from FREEDOM (8/8/20)! Many doctors have been trying to expose this COVID-19 kabuki theatre and sounding alarms about the relationship with increases in electromagnetic radiation, but are being silenced and censored! SARS-CoV-2, Exosomes, Tetraspanins (CD9/CD63/CD81), and Vaccine Zeal.

Why are doctors not waking up (7/8/20)? Doctors, like many health professionals, have been indoctrinated to order indirect tests as evidence of infection! Antibodies are to Viruses as Cookie Crumbs are to Santa Claus.

Please read and share this IMPORTANT first opinion piece (6/9/20)! Doctors have spent too long in the shadows while people perish for lack of knowledge! The Virtually Impossible, Ridiculous, Unseen Superstition (VIRUS) is available now!

Note: Everything below the following line should be seen as relating to the old focus on "Assistant Physicians".

New Hampshire "Graduate Physician"

Missouri "Assistant Physician"

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Links and Politics (e.g., Candidate Endorsements)

"COVID-19" State-by-State Emergency Healthcare Licensure (4/8/20)! Disclaimer: The following two links are brought to you relative to FREEDOM's goal of promoting the 'recognition, education, and employment of medical doctors' and should NOT be seen as an endorsement nor as an enticement to apply for licensure in any state--especially outside of your 'scope of practice'.

  1. COVID-19 State Registries & Temporary Licenses (courtesy of Dr. Faarina Khan, AP)
  2. FSMB State Emergency Declarations Licensure Requirements

animated-flashing-and-emergency-light-image-0011 New 2020 Assistant Physician Bills in Missouri (3/5/20)! Missouri HB 1977, HB 2212, and HB 2252, which create provisions for a pathway from AP to full Physician licensure, are working their way through the House of Representatives! Stay tuned!

Inaugural Newsletter (3/4/20)! The first FFD Newsletter (FFD Volume 1 Issue 1) for April, 2020 is available now!

News Flash (2/17/20)! Arizona HB 2419, which creates provisions relative to a new licensure status called "Assistant Physician", will be heard at a House Health and Human Services Committee hearing this Thursday, 2/20/20 at 8:00 a.m. in House Hearing Room 4 (HHR 4), 1700 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Please contact Mr. Jeremy Snavely of the AZ chapter of AAPS at 520-270-0761 or jersnav@gmail.com if you would like to testify in person or by email.

Board of Healing Arts Update (2/17/20)! The number of Assistant Physicians (APs) in Missouri reaches a new high! As of 2/17/20, there are 237 Assistant Physicians who all are practicing or eligible to practice. Hire an AP today!

Update (4/29/19)! HB710 with AP pathways to supervision of NPs and physician licensure has passed the Health and Mental Health Policy Committee 10-4 with 5 absent! Thank you to Rep. Lynn Morris (573-751-2565), my Rep. Dale Wright, and all supporters who called, emailed, and testified!

Update (4/26/19)! Just spoke with my representative who is a member of the Health and Mental Health Policy Committee. He thinks that the bill will pass the committee on Monday, 4/29/19, but may need to be amended to another House (or Senate) bill in order to pass the entire House (and Senate) due to the lateness of the legislative season. Please contact Representative Lynn Morris (573-751-2565), the bill sponsor, to show your support and encourage continued pursuit of passage.

News Flash (4/19/19)! HB710, which modifies provisions relating to Assistant Physicians (APs), will be heard at a Health and Mental Health Policy Hearing this Tuesday, 4/23/19 at 10:00 a.m. in House Hearing Room 1, 201 W. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, MO 65101. This very important bill proposes:

  1. the ability of APs to enter into Collaborative Practice Agreements (CPAs) similar to being a Collaborative Physician (CP) with up to four APRNs and/or PAs after eighteen months;
  2. an alternative path to full physician licensure after five years of 'continuous, full-time, active collaborating practice' and passage of Step 3 in 'less than three attempts and within a three-year period after receiving his or her initial assistant physician license';
  3. 'One hundred hours of didactics during the five-year postgraduate training'; and,
  4. 'All continuing medical education requirements as required for assistant physicians under this chapter."

Welcome! We are so glad that you found us. FREEDOM was established for the purpose of promoting the advancement of the interests of medical doctors at all stages of their careers. Our primary focus at this time is the support of medical graduates who have not "matched" into residencies and are looking for other alternatives. Please click any of the above links to find out more about opportunities that exist or are being sought to be licensed as an Assistant Physician or Graduate Physician. Please use the links located at the bottom of any web page on this site to contact us or feel free to join/donate at the top of the page. We wish you the best in your efforts to treat those in need of medical care--especially for the underserved and those in rural areas. Thank you for visiting!

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